Team Building

Certified facilitator and instructor, Amy Kosnikowski, will lead interactive activities to encourage strategic thinking, communication, importance of leadership and working effectively as a team. Group size can range from 3-100+.

Most Requested Programs:

  • Solve The Puzzle Interactive activity with key roles that will bring out the best in communication, listening, leadership and strategy.
  • Building It Together-Excellent group challenge to determine how to increase support of each team member to be more productive. Each will learn how to use the learned information to be more proactive vs. reactive, set priorities to focus on revenue generating activities and how to be more flexible in the ever-changing world.
  • Managers Are Super Heroes A fun & rewarding group activity comparing similarity of familiar super heroes powers and those of managers.
  • Mission Possible A powerful brainstorming group exercise to find solutions and innovative ideas to overcome the biggest challenges.
  • How Well Do You Know? Get familiar with colleagues on varying levels to increase understanding and deepen perspective of each team member.