Think-Tank Brainstorming Sessions

Got a problem? Need a solution? Expert Facilitator, Amy Kosnikowski, will effectively assist the team to uncover customized solutions to the biggest challenges. Each associate will leave with an action plan and desire to achieve the long-term goal to success.

Popular Session Topic Ideas:

  • HELP! We need more qualified traffic –what can we do?
  • MARKETING OUTREACH? Where to I start? Where do I go? How can I be successful? I am desperate for new ideas!
  • STOP THE MADNESS! Our community needs to improve resident retention. How can we increase our renewal ratio?
  • OH NO! Not another new development! How can our community compete?
  • ARE YOU SOLD? DO YOU BELIEVE? I need to fall back in love with my community!
  • WHAT HAPPENED? The team has lost the connection! Or how to build an effective new team from the beginning.