Answer The Phone Already! Telephone Therapy For Today’s Missed Leasing Opportunities

Welcome to your most needed therapy session. Make yourself comfortable on the couch and tell me the latest update on your leasing performance. Can you share why the phone is not being answered or leads maximized?

I see, you feel you are too busy in the office, don’t see the value of answering and not enough office coverage to assist the customer calling. Explain in more detail the reasoning for rushing off the phone because you want to to help someone else or why you think you covered the basics for if they are interested they will come in to tour.

STOP the madness! Yes the multifamily industry is experiencing high demand and we, quite possibly, are leasing apartments in spite of ourselves not effectively responding to leads with urgency. This lackluster excitement to actively engage on the phone is having a negative effect on your property. The reality is there are customers calling everyday needing a home or the assistance of an subject matter expert. Let’s do our jobs by picking up the phone with passion to connect, customize and creating wow moments every time.

Learning Points: Value of a Telephone Call; What does the customer REALLY want via the phone?; Best practices to engage, customize and build value; Must have tools and resources along with the best methods to use them