Crazy Busy vs. Productive: Effective Leadership in a Dysfunctional World

Are you too busy?  New norms indicate you should be, and you let people know in a proud yet exasperated tone, (accentuated by crazy eyes.)  If you’re “insanely busy” you’re important and getting stuff done. Really? When did “crazy busy” become the success standard? We’re letting screens strangle our souls focusing more on pushing paper than pushing people to greater heights. We multitask, please owners and put out fires…but are we productive? Want to get back to improved productivity through engagement and serving as supportive coach, and fill your time with meaningful purpose? This session is for you.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the cult of “busy-ness” and take ownership of your role in fueling the frenzy.; 2.  Know how to shift the mindset through behavioral understanding and expectation management.; 3. Discover steps to manage people through a culture of trust, find personal happiness, reduce stress and improve engagement