What Every 21st Century Manager Needs To Know

So what are the top skills and characteristics that today’s manager needs to successfully lead? Modern managers have to adapt to the ever evolving industry landscape and to meet the needs of our teams from tapping into high tech gadgets, creating multi-generational harmony and authentic motivation.  Join Amy to discover the best practices to efficiently and effectively support, challenge and inspire your team to achieve higher performance.

Learning Main Points: Sign of the Times: The Ever-Changing Complex Role of Today’s Manager; What type of Manager are you? What type of Leader are you?; Improve Communication Skills To Be Consistent and Credible; Tap into your Strengths as a Leaders & Play to the Strengths on your Team; Bridge The Gap: Discover Generational Tendencies & How to Maximize Talent; Focus in the Age of Distraction; Continuous Learning: Your Personal and Professional Growth; How to Find, Maintain & Build Your Team