Retention Is The Name of the Game: A Master It Strategy To Maintain Resident Satisfaction & Enhance Sense of Community

New communities are aggressively seeking higher occupancy which may include tempting your current residents to move out. Why wait to create a retention master plan to compete to maximize retention?  Attend this session to learn techniques to limit turnover and maximize the benefits of a strong community. Reach for a higher level of satisfaction by refining customer service practices and improving what matters most to residents. Amy will share a master it strategy for today’s market full of ideas to implement immediately and the blueprint to make it happen.

Top Takeaways: Current Market Conditions: How it will affect your resident’s future renewal decisions; The Secret Sauce To Retention Success: Expectations, Perceptions & Overall Experience; Customer service centric best practices; Step up the amenities & service game to increase residents perception of value; Ideas to increase appeal to renew and refer; Winning Interactions & Golden Touch Points for Everyday Success; Secrets to Building a Sense of Community; Maximize Your Hidden Gem: Your Maintenance Team