Seize the Day: Increase Productivity to Get Results

Are you feeling stretched, stressed and time-starved? Time is our most valuable resource. Once it is gone—it is gone forever. Attend this session to learn how to maximize every minute by setting goals and moving forward with results-oriented activities.

Discover how to evaluate your own natural time management preferences and tendencies to see the best way to efficiently tackle the day no matter what is thrown at you. Find out how to recognize, address and overcome procrastination and other time wasters to increase the level of productivity. Attendees will gain the tools to become organized and resourceful to focus on big-payoff activities such as customer service, sales and building business. Make time your ally not the enemy to fully maximize every minute of the day!

Learning Points:
What is your Time Management Style? / Master Time / Improve Time Management Skills / Tools & Resources / Tricks to Avoid Time Wasters / Tips to Work Smarter/ How to Set Priorities to Achieve Success